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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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plus, the folks at at&t park have new tricks up their sleeve. we'll cover all of that this morning and our own christina loren will have a look at our game-day forecast in five minutes. first, i want to send it back to you, scott, in the studio for the top stories of the morning. >> all right, laura, thank you much. today states suspended senator leland yee will be arraigned on federal corruption charges. christie smith live with what is expected to happen this morning in court. >> that's right, suspended state senator leland yee due back in court for an arraignment. now, in the past, his attorney has said that he would plead not guilty. his other co-defendants are expected in court today, as well. now, he's going to have a new attorney by his side, jim lasert. his former attorney said there was no conflict or disagreement that he helped the now suspended
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senator out of custody and he wished him well. the state senate has gone ahead and erased the names and archives of three suspended lawmakers in criminal cases. ron wright and ron calder ron. back in court today raymond "shrimp boy "chow a well-known figure is due back in court. previously convicted on racketeering and now accused of money laundering, trafficking contraband and conspiring to receive stolen property. he is scheduled to have a detention hearing this morning. there are 26 defendants in this case. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." the man accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bay area symphony is expected in court today. police say steven carlson wrote checks to himself from the symphony association and used that money to pay off debt.
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allegedly forged the signatures of two board members on the checks. if convicted he faces up to 18 years in prison. the uc brkly police officer who helped rescue jaycee dugard is now suing her former employer. allison jacobs accepted disability retirement after an on-duty injury. state law allow s them to carrya weapon but jacobs was told she was ineligible because of a new uc retirement policy. s criminals may recognize her and challenge her. >> retired or not, i'm going to run into joe who i arrested years ago and put in prison and he's not going to care that i'm no longer a police officer. he's not going to care that i'm injured or disabled. he's not going to care about any of that. >> about 100 other officers are
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joining jacobs in her lawsuit. well, really big story of the morning, the giants home opener for the first time in the 2014 season. laura is out at at&t park and, laura, good morning. how is it looking out there? >> it is a great day for a game. today is a home opener. it's a day game and the field is already prepped and ready. it's green and luscious for a 1:35 start. on the mound for the giants, new addition tim hudson, the former a's and braves pitcher will make his second start in a giants uniform. last wednesday he was lights out against the diamondbacks going 7-2 following three hits. aside from a few key additions the giants roster pretty much the same team that took the field last season, which means they'll be making up for disappointing 2013. just one year after winning the world series, the giants missed out on the playoffs and finished fourth in their division. catcher buster posy says he's ready to show the league the
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giants are playoff contenders. >> i can't speak for most of the guys, but i'd be willing to bet a lot of them feel the same way i do. i have a bad taste in our mouth after last year and really want to come out and just get after it. >> this year's giants team built much like the one in 2012 and you all remember that one went on to win it all. fans certainly will be showing up early to see home opener festivities and mark the debut of new security measures. coming up in eight minutes, more details on those changes and look at the new threads the giants will be supportiporting year. christina loren out in willie mays, what is the weather going to be like for the first pitch? >> oh, my gosh, laura, it is going to be perfection for baseball. we're talking about perfect baseball weather. 70s here in san francisco, but it will be hot inland.
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i want to introduce you to some young giants fans out here. take a look at these guys. barron and broedy and they're taking a look at their ipad. very interesting but they're also excited about the giants. i want to show you their piercing blue eyes. are you guys excited about the game? >> we're ready. >> you're here early, that shows. >> the public house is actually open right now. you can come down here and join us, as you know, as the morning draws on, we'll have a big crowd out here. stick with us on "today in the bay" and be ready for a warm day. whether your city will break a record. upper 50s to low 60s and end up in the mid-80s before the day is done in most cities. and, hey, we could see 90 degrees in the north bay and 85 degrees along the peninsula. watch out for some fog along 280 and around daly city. happy giants day, mike. >> happy giants day, christina. good to see the crowds out there
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and the young fans and their parents. looking over here towards the bay bridge, which will get crowded basically after that morning commute we'll get that into the city commute, as well. folks will get that home opener, 1:35 for that. we see an easy flow of traffic right now. the green means you have to limit 24 a little slowing and eastbound as you head towards the highway 113 area. 280 extension and king street closed after, as well. a stalled big rig there and still partially blocking your slowing and still over to your left, a lot of yellow there. that's typical as folks approach the toll plaza anyway. nothing unusual for the speeds there, send it back to you, scott. >> thank you. investigators looking into what sparked a destructive fire that broke out on mos brook circle not far from westgate mall. when firefighters first got to the scene yesterday afternoon, they had to wait for pg&e crews
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to shut off the gas. live in san jose with the latest on that. good morning, chase. >> good morning, scott. you can see the fire truck over here behind, over my shoulder. firefighters had been out here all night making sure the flames did not spark back up and the good news is that the fire has stayed out all night long. check out some of this video from just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. cell phone video of when firefighters were first getting here to what quickly became a three alarm fire. shortly after that fire started, a gas line ruptured and then that gas just added fuel and made the situation much more difficult. one home was destroyed, two other homes were badly burned but are still standing. and, as you mentioned just a moment ago, pg ande had to wait a while before they could turn off the gas. they had to let it burn out of the line and that made things more difficult for firefighters. that same time, about a dozen neighbors that had to be evacuated from the area just in case things became even worse for the situation.
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now, that things are out this morning, everyone is thankful that everyone survived. >> they call if there is a fire because there's so much wood and these houses are 50 years old. >> and these homes in the neighborhood are known as ikler homes which people that live in these homes have a reputation for burning quickly and it seems to be that that is part of what happened here late yesterday. still no word on exactly what caused the fire. that's something that the investigation will begin after the sun rises. but, again, just firefighters out here all night long keeping an eye on things and making sure the flames do not spark back up. that's the latest from here in san jose, chase can't, "today in the bay." marks one month since malaysian flight 370 vanished after takeoff. peggy bunker joins us with the most recent search efforts. they may not be able to hear any more pings in the indian ocean
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after one month. >> one month ago, on march 8th. 239 people onboard malaysian flight 370 took off from kuala lumpur en route to beijing to vanish from the air. almost incomprehensible that plane is not found, certainly not for lack of trying. hoping to pick back up the pings that were picked up over the weekend. one boat picked up two hours of consistent pinging and another 15 minutes. submersible that can scan the ocean floor is being held back until pings can identify a smaller search area. >> until we stop the pinger search, we will not deploy the submersible. is that clear? we will not deploy it, unless we find, unless we get another transmission. >> the reason for that, of course, they're hoping to make that search area smaller. now the intensity of the search only has been increased. the australian navy has actually deployed divers with hopes of
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finding any sign of debris. seeing those divers, though, just tiny against thebackdrop of the massive ocean that only highlights the desperation of this search. by the way, the cost of this search being registered in the hundreds of millions of dollars. the most expensive search in aviation history. scott? >> peggy, thank you. well, it is 5:10. new developments in the efforts to ease tensions between russia and ukraine, that's coming up. plus, president obama making new moves today to try to even up the payscale for women in the workplace. and back here live at at&t park. in just a few minutes, we'll take a look at some of the new features in store for fans this year, including a new treat at the food court. plus, can you name this giant? we're going to give you a hint and it's a pretty big one. he's the only player in history to pitch a perfect game in a san francisco giants uniform. we'll be right back. got a story for nbc
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welcome back, before the break we asked you to name this giant. if you guessed matt cane, you were right. he pitched the san francisco giants first perfect game happened, of course, against the astros. we went to send you back out to at&t park where the field crews are getting ready for the 1:35 start. laura garcia-cannon in the middle of it all. >> i'm tempted to touch the grass out here. it looks lushing and beautiful. i think they took little scissors to every piece. they certainly are ready. now in the off season, the giants did a lot of work to ensure the success of this
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year's team. they added michael morse to add fire power and tim hudson to round out that starting rotation and tim lnscome to a new contract. two-year, $35 million deal keeps him with the giants through 2015. after last season he went home to washington and he realized he needed to stay in san francisco. >> it's easy to miss something when it's gone and that is where it was. how can i not be with the giants? i've been here almost seven years now and kind of weird to not be. that was the approach i took. even i played with an organization where they treated me and, obviously, the way the fan base has accepted me. >> lincecum had a tough start to 2014. on thursday he went just six innings giving up eight hits and four runs. the giants off-season changes were not just to the roster, but also to the park and the uniforms. "today in the bay" damian
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trujillo and giants have a new jers jersey, damian. >> i need to get one, laura. outside at the@cafe. making it real and virtual. the virtual part is with this app. they showcased it last year but go for it this year. at the ballpark app. everything you want to know about the ballpark and what you might want to order, including that merchandise, laura, is on this app. your wallet, a new jersey to buy. going retrow on several home games with the logo worn by jack the ripper clark. >> our new jersey we're wearing on friday nights. the new orange jersey, the old giants logo but with the number on the front. ten giant locations for our giant dugout stores. >> reporter: before you enter the park with your new jersey,
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the metal detectors will be waiting for you, but once you're in expect a 21st century experience with a new app called at the ballpark. >> it will know that you're here. all the a to z guys of where things are in the ballpark is all in the app. >> reporter: free to download on your mobile device and find yourself moving from the bleachers all the way to the box seats area. it will beep you if the giants offer a game-time discount on a food im like the new fried pickle chips. and that app is on my phone already. now, about the security checkpoints here. the metal detectors will be phased in throughout the season, so they won't be at every gate, however, at every gate your bags will be checked and you will be hand-wanded to ensure the safety and security of everyone coming into the ballpark. coming up in about half an hour, we'll show you the food court and the new food experience at the park. live at at&t park i'm damian
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trujillo. >> more than just the fried pickle chips. thanks, we'll look forward to it. 5:16 right now and always coldest before the sun comes up. i learned that from meteorologist christina loren. she has a look at what we're in store for at game time. good morning, christina. >> hey, welcome back. we missed you, missed you, laura. happy you're back. we'rer in front of willie mays, broadcasting live inside. ameri murk and mac are in there right now. we're expecting the crowds to really grow as we progress throughout the morning. you don't have to go anywhere, we'll show you all the action from here live as we go through the morning hours. as you know, everyone is really excited about this game and you might be excited about the warm temperatures we're experiencing because, hey, pretty nice out there yesterday and it hasn't been this warm for several months. i do want to make sure that
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you're ready for this. 58 degrees right now in the south bay and 56 in the east bay to kick off the day. temperatures are going to climb towards the 90 degree mark just about everywhere. we're expecting mid to upper 80s to finish off the day and the reason why is because of off-shore flow. taking a live look at your wind speeds. you'll notice arrows at this point back out to sea. we're expecting the 80s, again, even in san francisco. 82 degrees for today. abundant sunshine and way above average. this time of year, we'll hit the 60s and hit 90 degrees average and that is a major climb above average. the good news is the heat will break tomorrow. if you don't love it, we're done with it as we head through the next couple days. 82 degrees in the east bay and your seven-day forecast shows you that cool down right there at the bottom of your screen. now, back out here live, we're going to be talking to fans and we had a whole bunch of "today
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in the bay" fans enter into the public house and hopefully we'll have a chance to talk to them as we progress throughout the morning hours. we know it will get busy out here. the calm before the storm crowd. you know it is going it be thick out here later, mike. >> you know eit will. it will continue to build towards that 1:35 first pitch. mid-day traffic is going to mix with lunch hour traffic and all the business traffic. watch that 280 extension. this is san jose 101 and let me show you all the freeways. as well as the peninsula pretty much no major issues for the bay and nothing in the roadways except for one we'll show that to you right over here. west 580 does show the build and getting back to the speed limit and by vasco moving at a good clip over here to livermore and dublin. the overnight closure has cleared. the one crash we have to report was west highway 4 right at the
5:20 am
connector and little slowing that has cleared up. at speed on the approach and live look at the span, again, shows the incline that we're watching. no problems now and watch midday getting towards the lunch hour. a lot of traffic going into san francisco and right around at&t park. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you much. today is equal pay day representing the wage gap between men and women. just to earn what an average man made last year, the average woman has to work last year all the way up until today, according to some statistics. while president obama signs new orders on equal pay for women today, the senate will vote on pay equity this week. it's not expected to pass. republicans are arguing closing the pay gap could hurt both men and women by making employers afraid to give raises because of possible lawsuits. the san jose city council will talk today about modifying the measure b pension reform initiative. the proposed change would allow some veteran police officers to return to the force by modifying
5:21 am
disability deaffinitiodefinitio. injured cops and firefighters who do not qualify for disability retirements would be able to take desk ajobs at their old pay. worried about officer retention after the pension reform changes. the police officer association says it will not help officer morale. the time 5:21. we'll have details, next. we're out here live at at&t park. we'll take a look at some of the promotions the giants will be handing out at games this season. plus, can you name this giants' player? he played for three different teams before finding a home in the giants bull pen. we'll tell you who it is after the break.
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welcome back to you. a live look at at&t park this
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morning. laura garcia-cannon, you can see her right there making sure everything is red efor the giants 1:35 start. we'll check back in with laura in less than a minute. before the break, we asked you to name this giants player. it's jeremy affeldt played for the royals, rockies and reds before landing with the giants in 2009. justin timberlake is making a third stop in the bay area this year. we just learned the pop star will bring his 20/20 experience world tour to oakland arena in oakland on november 22nd. tickets go on sale next monday. timberlake played in january. he'll be back there in august. he was at at&t park last year. and speaking of at&t park, the giants making their first appearance at the season home opener in just a few hours. laura garcia-cannon out there on the field. good morning, laura. >> at least close to the field.
5:25 am
we're not touching the grass, the sacred grass out here this morning. the majority of the 2012 winning roster in tact. that's something that first baseman brandon belt says will help the team get back to bet to playoff baseball. >> we're very used to each other and very comfortable with each other. just having everybody come back will make it easier to get into the groove you need to right from the start of the season. >> fans attending today's home opener will get giants calendars, but great promotions throughout the year that are really catching our eye. giants broadcaster duane will get the bobblehead treatment. the former player featured wearing his cleveland indians uniform and will be given out when the giants play the indians on april 25th. also hunter pence. pence's bobblehead shows how he gets to the stadium ridishe isi
5:26 am
scooter and wearing a backpack. this year marks t s ths the anniversary of the world series win. on april 26th, the first 20,000 fans will get a replica of that 1954 world series ring. pretty cool. this thursday, the giants will give away a scarf on farewell to the stick night. the stick is a nod to those cold temperatures we all remember out at the stick. and here's a promotion that may be unexpected, 20,000 fans will be getting hello kitty stuffed animals on sunday, june 8th when the giants take on the mets. so, definitely a little something for everyone. 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay" a look at one of the secret locations inside at&t park and what you need to get in. and i'm live out here. willie mays plaza. the fans slowly making their way into the public house and everybody is excited about the big home opener today and everybody is excited about the weather, as well.
5:27 am
going to be nice out here in san francisco, but very warm. record-breaking tempin the forecast. we'll tell you if that's the case for where you live when "today in the bay" comes back. great out there. over here on the peninsula, a smooth flow of traffic for 101 right now. as you would imagine, we'll show you what's going on, your slowing in the east bay coming up.
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jts well, just seven games into the season and the giants are looking good as we take a live picture of at&t park. giants starred the season on the road going 5-2 and now back home and so are we. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon and fans waking up this morning putting on their orange and black and getting ready to head out here on the giants home opener. an old vet back in the bay area and the giants hoping he will add some fire to the starting rotation. plus, we'll take you inside a
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secret hide away inside the park. a throwback to the good old days. chris tone christina loren tracking the first pitch forecast and damian trujillo looking at some of the new food offerings added this season. scott, a lot going on, but first back to you for a look at the day's top stories. suspended state senator leland yee and several co-defendants will be back in federal court today. christie smith live with what is expected to happen in court. good morning. >> good morning. suspended state senator leland yee expected back in court this morning at 9:30 for an arraignment. his attorney said he would plead not guilty but a new attorney by his side today. yee was charged with six counts of corruption and one count of conspiring to traffic guns. he was arrested after a lengthy fbi investigation.
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that, according to court documents, revealed a scheme similar to one you'd find in hollywood movies. two dozen others were charged in the case, including notorious chinatown figure raymond "shrimp boy" chow who was previously convicted of racketeering and now charged with money laundering and conspiring to receive stolen property. chow is scheduled to have a detention hearing today in the same court. another figure that may appear today in this, a man named keith jackson. former head of the san francisco board of education and yee's former fund-raiser, he was granted bail, but he faces some of the more serious charges, including gun trafficking and a role in an alleged murder for hire scheme. each of the charges against senator yee faces, it could bring a maximum of 20 years in prison, if convicted. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:31 right now. the concord police officer accused of stealing prescription drugs from seniors will be eback
5:32 am
in court today. matthew switzer is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on burgl burglary, fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. he used his status as a police officer to steal from residents at a senior complex. hillary clinton kicks off a three-state speaking tour in san francisco today. she'll give the keynote speech this at the marketing national center. reports say clinton could rake in as much as $1 million over the next four days has many wondering if she'll make a run for the white house in 2016. she'll be back in the bay area on thursday for a women's lecture series at san jose state university. and, of course, our other top story of the morning, giants fans waiting for this since september. the boys are back.
5:33 am
laura is at at&t park and, how is it looking out there? >> waiting for the boys to come on back to this field. today's game will mark the official return of a familiar face to the bay area. tim hudson make his first regular season start at at&t park as a giant. played six seasons for the a's before leaving to play for his hometown atlanta braves. nine seasons later he decided it was time to return to the bay area. >> after talking to my wife and my kids and my family, i was like, you know, what do you think about going back out west and it was a little scary at first. you know, but my kids were like, it might be kind of cool. because all they've ever known is atlanta from the time they were little. >> hudson also talked to former giant barry zito. the two played together in oakland. hudson says zito had nothing but nice things to say about the giants. so, we welcome hudson. now, believe it or not, there is now a bowling alley at at&t
5:34 am
park. it is park of the gotham club. an exclusive area for season ticketholders and private members. there are two lanes, a private bar area and next to that bowling alley you're also going to find a game room featuring pool tables, retro arcade-style games. located on the oracle suite level. the next time you're out there, i'll get you in there. coming up in seven minutes, we'll show you the new food options the giants are serving up this season. plus, a look at the green restaurant opening up in the outfield this summer. right now, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren out in willie mays plaza. christina, the weather, certainly, spring has sprung. >> it is actually really mild out here. i know you can attest to that because you're just down the away from me. i'm in front of the public house out here which is open. a lot of giants fans already inside getting the festivities started and i can tell you right
5:35 am
now a warm spring day for baseball. let's get right to that forecast because temperatures else where are going to be warm. and a good idea this morning is to go ahead and close the blinds in your home. that way you can keep your house nice and cool and need to get away without using that ac. 90s inland but 75 degrees really comfortable conditions out here for first pitch. 1:35, at&t park hustling and bustling. this morning is any sort of precursor of what to expect today because people are already out here, you know it's going to be jam packed. 85 degrees along the peninsula and up to 88 degrees in the east bay and 90 for the north bay, the warmest area. but not far behind in san jose today at 98 degrees. as we progress throughout the week, we will cool off. you'll notice that in your seven-day forecast right at the bottom of your screen. a slight chance for showers. we'll talk about that coming up and back here live at at&t park and we know this is really the quiet time. things will get active and
5:36 am
people are honking like crazy already. and it's still very early. so, stick with us and we'll show you as everything unfolds this morning from at&t park. first, though, let's check your drive. little fog out there, little soupy this morning in daly city. mike, what else are you looking at? >> that kind of goes along with other areas right along the coast, pacifica, you know that well, so do the locals there. fremont southbound with headlights into the south bay. no delays. picking up a little company but this area as well as the fremont freeways moving at speed. westbound the stalled big rig has been cleared and no problems heading towards that toll plaza. dumbarton bridge just fine, as well. both sides of the bay, 880 getting in and out of their respective cities moving smoothly. in san francisco, remember that 1:35 game we are making a big deal about, the home opener for the giants and expect a lot of traffic around the 280 extension and that will be the case for the folks getting out of the parking lots.
5:37 am
as we drive, still starting to build for the north bay and bay bridge toll plaza starting to build for the cash lanes. again, this will last through the morning commute and in towards mid-day, scott. because the folks heading in after the morning commute will head to the game if they're lucky enough. >> looking for the chp, mike. chp, once again, cracking down on drivers using cell phones behind the wheel. part of april's distracted driving awareness month. today is the second of four days scattered throughout the month where extra patrols will be on the road. tickets for first-time offenders start at $161. some santa clara residents will petition the city council today asking for a rule to prevent homeowners from converting their houses into dorms for students. at question is a house under renovation right now in university park. it's been converted from two bedrooms to a six bedroom, three-bath mini dorm renting for
5:38 am
$8,000 a month. neighbors say they're worried about noise, but city planners say the home's owner is within zoning laws. also today we're expected to learn more about how we will get to and from the new levi stadium. the valley transportation authority will update the santa clara city council on public and parking lot locations. transit access and how it plans to deal with other events at the stadium. 5:38. the new law working its way through sacramento that could mean the end of killer whale shows at seaworld. and exactly one month later, crews now planning to bring a submarine in as they search for that missing malaysian airline jet. we'll take you back to at&t park where there's new food options to start this season and some very special seating arrangements. "today in the bay" will be right back.
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>> why did we do this? >> because i got tired of being called ryan -- i just wanted to be a man, you know. kind of grow up a little bit and be mature. i figure, get a man beard. >> a man beard. does this man beard equal man? >> definitely. my opinion of a man is made in a beard. >> i like it. >> no! i'm not shaving. >> man beard. the giants return to at&t park today with a much manleyer brandon belt and not at the park just yet, but our own laura garcia-cannon is. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. yeah, good morning, scott. at&t park adding a new few seats for the upcoming season,
5:42 am
starting with the dockers deck. a party space on a platform in front of a huge glove in front of left field. the space can fit 18 people and include stadium-style seats and plus a few tables and chairs. then a brand-new candlestick suite that is under construction. back in the arches behind the right field foul pole. includes an authentic seats from candlestick park which is pretty cool, as well as memorabilia from the old ballpark. press club located right next to the press box above home plate. featured cushion seats for 30 people, food, drink, credit comes included with every single ticket there. scott, when you go to the baseball game, you have your standard fare, peanuts, cracker jack and the ever popular hot dogs. when you come out here to at&t park, the garlic fries a pretty big draw but they hope you'll add a little green to your meal in the process.
5:43 am
"today in the bay" damian trujillo live with all the details for us. good morning. >> good morning, laura. we're here at the food court. speaking of green, one of the big ticket items here are these fried pickle chips. big with the kids, according to the san francisco giants really looking forward to that. this is where i'll see laura after the newscast, mojita and even those who have a healthier appetite, something for you, as well. vegetable garden was still under a week ago but by june fans will enjoy some of the finest greens in northern california, including kale. >> quoeg going to be a variety vegetables and different things that are grown on site and the idea is that we're going to use some of the vegetables as toppings on like flatbreads and healthy sandwiches and some of the soups and smoothies.
5:44 am
>> but if you're planning to give health a break during your giants visit, plenty of choices. from the traditional garlic fries to sausage dogs, you can also dive into tamales and the new one this year, fried pickle chips. >> we'll try fried pickle chips this year as an item. we think the kids will really like and, you know, i'm hoping that we have lines at the fried pickle chip stands. >> reporter: expanding beer and wine, so more variety to wash down the assortment of hot dogs waiting for you at the yard. fried pickle chips, i think i'm going to go for that. nothing says opening day like bunting. we'll show you some of the bunting around the park during the newscast. >> i like the mojitas and margaritas. >> places will have ac to keep fans cool, as well. out in the bleacher seats expect
5:45 am
it to be hot, hot, hot. meteorologist christina loren with a look at that game-time forecast. good morning. >> good morning, lauroaurlaura. a great day to bring out a hat. this is actually comprised of giants pins. this belongs to janet clark and she is what i'm calling the ultimate gamers, she's very concerned how i'm holding this hat. let me prop this up right for you. >> they're not all attached. this protects the pins from hitting your head and this is just an older hat that i couldn't retire and i stuck it up on top of this one. many years of collecting and i had to retire the first one, but it is ours. like an old glove. like wait a minute. and, you know, i've been to world series with this hat and i cannot ever see rirring etiring one. >> who else had this hat on?
5:46 am
>> the only other person sergio romo put it on his head opening day 2011 and i even told him to be careful withtop it weighs a lot. don't hurt your neck and then give it back to me, please. >> i'll give it back to you because by all means i don't want to damage it. this is such a big day and this is a family tradition for you, right? >> yes, it is. many, many years my mother took us out of school and we were in first grade and we would miss school and always come out to opening day. it's worth the comrcamaraderie and everybody in a good mood, future baseball fans. >> it's all about the kids. >> got to carry the tradition. >> all right, thank you so much. have fun in there. >> i will. >> wonderful meeting you. let's get to the forecast. i know she's actually in a t-shirt out here and it's so mild. you, too, can come out in just a t-shirt here in san francisco. it's a little bit chilly this
5:47 am
morning to kick off the day in the north bay. the only spot where we have the 40s this morning. and that is down right mild for this time of day. 46 degrees in the south bay and pretty nice out there. this is what you can expect as you head outdoors. mild temps to start and a few foggy spots especially as you make your way through 280 and daly city but once you get into the city, it's nice and clear. temps jump 30 to 40 degrees we could be breaking records. onshore flow, though, will return later on today. the fog will be back to cool us off as we head through the next couple days. highs above average and upper 80s for the south bay. 86 degrees along the peninsula and we'll show you the rest of the temperatures, because, hey, 89 degrees, you don't want to mess around in the trivalley. grab your shades and sunscreen and close the windows in your
5:48 am
home, if you can. the breeze will take up and get the air moving inside your home. pretty nice out there by this evening. by 7:00 p.m., temps fall in the lower 60s and upper 70s all across the board. north bay 90 degrees, toasty out there. starting to make an appearance. we have a lot going on out here. the crowds are growing and people are really picking up along the street. it is going to get pretty busy out here. stick with us and we'll show you all the action we head throughout the morning. mike y can't believe how early it is and how many people on the roads. they're excited about today. >> giants fans never stop being giant fans no matter what time of day. folks are getting out there by at&t park and we'll talk about that traffic in a second. looking over here to the south bay where we see that little bit of build which is typical on this time of day. but, really, overall, looking really good and getting into the city. remember that 1:35 game, mid-day. a lot of traffic and a 280 extension getting over that bay bridge. we'll talk about that in a
5:49 am
second. rest of your bay moves very smoothly. westbound 580 and speeds where it is orange aand clear as you head towards that dublin interchange. great flow of traffic. your east shore drive, let me get out of your way. in the green zone, a good flow of traffic towards the bay bridge. and look at the bridge itself. backup started from the cash lane and fastrak lanes slowing. this will last throughout midday because of the folks heading into the city for the game. no drama, i should say. good deal southbound 101, scott, you're at the speed limit. back to you. the california state assembly holding which will end one of seaworld's most popular attractions. the new measure bans using killer whales for entertainment purposes. assemblyman richard bloom came up with the bill after watching
5:50 am
the film "black fish" which documents the dangers, sometimes the deadly dangers of keeping killer whales in captivity. today marks one month since malaysia flight 370 vanished just hours after takeoff. today in the bay peggy bunker here with the most recent search efforts. peggy, seems yesterday's optimism has turned to doubt, once again. >> that has been the agonizing part. so many false starts and announcements of hope that quickly dissipate. the pings picked up over the weekend and now they're hearing absolutely nothing. today does mark one month that flight 370 departed kuala lumpar and now to find the black boxes before their batteries die are the focus off the coast of perth. it is possible the boxes may last a little bit longer, to 40 to 42 days. that search continues today. >> we are very actively and
5:51 am
aggressively pursuing where we think that debris field might be so to give us further information to recalculate back with the point of entry might have been. >> the australian navy has even deployed divers with the hopes of spotting any kind of debris in the ocean. the cost of this search and the herculean efforts being made by multiple countries to find this plane now totaling $44 million. a bit of good news, however, is the reduced search area once in the millions of square niles that they were looking and now searchers say they have it narrowed down to a zone of 30,000 square miles. still a massive area. >> peggy, thank you. dozens of people in jail after championship celebrations got out of hand in connecticut. students broke street lights and smashed windows on campus and overturned furniture in the student union. police say they arrested at least 30 people overnight and no serious injuries. among the fans to see the great finish in person in texas,
5:52 am
presidents clinton and george w. bush. the huskies beat kentucky to get the national title win. final score, 60-54. fans in kentucky, obviously, not happy with the loss. they lit fires on the streets near campus. some of them even burned their gear in anger. tonight the uconn women's team will square off against notre dame for the women's title. a showdown of two undefeated teams and tipoff is 5:30 tonight. 5:52. uber is branching out, not just a taxi service any more. details, next. plus, we're going to head back out to at&t park where fans will hear something a little different this season. we'll show you what happens when the giants hit a home run, next. and how well do you know your giants? this guy was born and raised right here in california. we'll tell you who it is, right after the break.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
and we've got a live look at at&t park this morning. crews have already prepped the field for the giants return home. before the break, we asked you to name this giant. if you guessed it, is was surgesurgergio romo. >> that will wake you up. the next time buster posy hits a home run at at&t park, it will sound a little like that.
5:56 am
they added the yahoo yodel but under a new deal with yahoo! the giants will play the yahoo! yodel after every giants home run. that will be fun. you can bet a lot of them will come from catcher buster posy. at the age of 27, he already had a storeied career. posy a two-time all-star with two world series rings. in 2010 national league rookie of the year and just got even better in 2012, winning a slew of awards, including national league mvp and the national league hank aaron award. despite all the accolades, posey continually strives to do better. >> that should be the thought process. what can i do today to get better that will help the team win next season. ultimately, that's our goal is to win. and usually when you win, that solves all the problems. >> posey says in the off season he constantly thinks about what he can do to help the team win.
5:57 am
just getting started out here. coming up in less than five minutes we'll talk about the new security features out here that fans will run into when they show up at the stadium, but right now send it back to you. >> all right, laura. uber looking to expand into other markets, starting with the big apple. the bay area car base service launchi launchi launching currier service through their smart phone app. 5:57. coming up, fire crews still on the scene after a fire in the south bay. at least one home destroyed and we'll check back with laura, as well, at at&t park. back in a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
well, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, april 8th.
6:00 am
thank you ever so much for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. lots of news to get to this morning, but, first, let's talk a little baseball. the giants 2014 home opener is today and we give you a live look out on the field at at&t park. we're now just hours away from the first pitch. giants take the field at 1:35, but there's laura right there on the field at at&t park. we miss you over here, laura, but your are having fun. >> i miss the boys of summer. huge fan of baseball and it's a big thrill to be out here a little bit early as the game starts at 1:35. it is going to be a gorgeous day and a lot of ground out here at at&t park this morning including new security measures in place for fans. brand-new seating areas, as well, where you can watch the game in comfort and even a bowling alley built right into at&t park. not just me out hth


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